Senior Management

Dr. Hans G. Franke
Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Franke is the chief inventor and visionary of the company.

Among Dr. Franke’s extensive roles, he previously served as President Directeur General (equal to CEO) of Chevron Chemical, SAF in France with responsibility for western Europe. He is internationally respected as an inventor and problem solver, with dozens of patents to his name in the chemical, environmental, and medical sectors.

Dr. Franke graduated from Goethe University (Germany) with a PhD in Organic Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, and a Business Administration degree. Through the university, he went to the United States for post-doctoral studies, conducting research for the U.S. Army.

Ian von Gordon, JD, MIRM
Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Strategy Officer

Mr. von Gordon is chief administrative officer responsible for strategy, risk, and compliance.

Before joining TerSol in 2018, Mr. von Gordon served in various risk and compliance roles, including as Director and Senior Operational Risk Controller at UBS AG in Zurich, Switzerland, and Risk Manager at Allianz SE’s reinsurance division in Munich, Germany.

Mr. von Gordon earned a Juris Doctor at Case Western Reserve University (USA), with additional studies in communication and privacy law, international law, and geopolitics at Bocconi University (Italy). He also completed the Duke-Geneva Institute of Transnational Law at Université de Genève (Switzerland). Mr. von Gordon earned a Master’s Degree in Insurance and Risk Management at MIB Trieste (Italy), and received his Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies from Connecticut College (USA).

Advisory Board

Dr. Peter Reimers

Dr. Reimers provides industry insight and technical advice to the company’s management.

He is the president and CEO of Arisdyne Systems, Inc., an engineering company that has earned a leading position in process intensifying technologies based on hydrodynamic cavitation.  Prior to joining Arisdyne, Peter worked for ADM, where he served as Managing Director of long-term technology strategy and was responsible for launching a new R&D center for advanced biofuels.

Dr. Reimers earned a Master’s in Business Engineering from Technische Universität Hanover (Germany), Technische Universität Graz (Austria), and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (France), and earned his Doctorate in Global Economics from Technische Universität Graz.

Peter E. Franke, MBA

Mr. Franke advises on a broad range of opportunities and provides regional and industry perspectives.

He is an accomplished business leader located in Frankfurt, Germany, with 25 years of consulting and business development experience advising Fortune 500 clients, primarily in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Mining sectors.

Mr. Franke holds a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California (USA), and a Master’s in Business Administration in Finance from Woodbury University (USA).