Principal Product

TerSol’s patented C2X™ is a unique chemical formula developed by Dr. Hans G. Franke.  It can be used as either an additive or a blend in diesel-based commercial and industrial fuels.  As little as 5% can improve efficiency 15% or more, increasing fuel efficiency with reduced engine wear, due to increased lubricity and a more complete burn.  The more complete burn and lack of sulfur also lead to a significant reduction in the emission of noxious gasses, such as NOx, CO, and SO2.  Our C2X™ product thus provides major environmental benefits, as well as improved engine performance.

The implementation and use of C2X™ does not require any modification to existing vehicles or engine platforms.  However, simple modifications in maritime ships can allow real-time blend adjustments needed to comply with local fuel composition or emissions regulations.


Global diesel consumption is in excess of 420 billion gallons per year. (Source)  C2X™️ has an legitimate, economical, practical, and beneficial application in every one of those gallons.

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Total Addressable Market (Current)

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