Advancing Sustainable Power Alternatives in Asia

The company's tank-to-wheel solution can be blended with current feedstocks and production facilities, making it a cost-effective option for diesel use in Asia.

Asia is a region that is heavily dependent on diesel for transportation, and with TerSol’s C2X additive, carbon emissions can be reduced up to 50%. Our C2X additive completes combustion, eliminating up to 20% of unburnt products, and releases more energy per quanta of fuel. With TerSol, diesel combustion in Asia can be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

TerSol’s C2X biodiesel additive has several unique features, making it an ideal solution for Asia’s energy needs. Firstly, C2X is cheaper than diesel and requires no engine modifications, making it a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution. The price of diesel in Asia is relatively high compared to other regions, and blending C2X with diesel can provide a hedge for fuel costs for sellers like Reliance Industries or Petronas. In India, for example, where diesel prices are regulated by the government, blending C2X with diesel can help oil companies hedge their losses, thereby reducing the burden on taxpayers. Moreover, the additive uses current feedstocks and production facilities, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming infrastructure investments. This is especially relevant in Asia, where the demand for diesel is high, but the infrastructure for producing and distributing it can be challenging.

We can help address some key environmental concerns in Asia, where air pollution is a significant issue. By reducing nitrous oxides and sulfur compounds in the byproducts of combustion, the additive can significantly lower harmful emissions, thereby improving air quality. Moreover, the additive can increase fuel efficiency by up to 7.5%, providing a potential boost to Asia’s economy by reducing fuel consumption and costs.

Another of TerSol’s unique solutions is using the tropical Jatropha tree as a feedstock, which can bolster agriculture and help fight desertification.

Tersol’s global operations in Asia are a significant step forward in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the region’s energy needs. By introducing its C2X biodiesel additive, the company is addressing key environmental concerns while also providing cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions that can boost economic growth.

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