Our fuel additives can help alleviate the pressure on the continent’s energy supply.

TerSol’s fuel solutions can help improve readiness and operational capabilities.

The company’s tank-to-wheel solution can be blended with current feedstocks and production facilities, making it a cost-effective option for diesel use in Asia.

TerSol can help airlines reduce their fuel consumption and emissions while improving the performance of their aircraft.

C2X increases fuel efficiency and lowers the overall carbon footprint of trucks and other diesel-powered vehicles.

TerSol’s fuel additives not only improve fuel efficiency but also help locomotives meet global environmental regulations.

As the demand for energy and transportation continues to rise in Oceania, TerSol’s innovative fuel additives are a key part of the solution.

Our additives can help shipping companies meet emissions regulations and improve their sustainability.

Our solutions for the agricultural sector include the innovative additive C2X, which can be made from jatropha.

Tersol’s C2X additive provides a bridge for the automotive industry to transition to a more sustainable future.

TerSol’s C2X biodiesel additive offers a comprehensive solution to many of the challenges facing the African energy industry.

About C2X

C2X is a Tank-To-Wheel additive for diesel engines that improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. It Is a cost-effective additive that can utilise existing production facilities and transport logistics, requiring no additional setup cost.

With just a 5% C2X/95% Diesel composition, fuel efficiency can increase up to 7.5%, while reducing nitrous oxides, sulphur compounds, and other harmful emissions by up to 50%. C2X is a major step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for diesel.


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