Country Desks

At TerSol, we understand the importance of having a strong global presence. That’s why we have established country desks in key regions around the world. Our teams in the USA, India, Australia, Namibia, Hong Kong, and Austria are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the regulatory frameworks and establish productive relationships with local authorities.

Austria (EU Continental Desk)
Our continental desk for the EU, based in Austria, provides support to clients across Europe, working with local authorities and regulatory bodies to develop sustainable solutions for the energy and fuel industries.

Our USA desk is staffed with experienced professionals who are familiar with the intricacies of federal and state-level regulations in the energy and fuel industries. They work closely with our clients to ensure compliance and maximize efficiency.

In India, our team has a deep understanding of the country’s energy landscape and the government’s push for sustainable development. They work with clients to develop solutions that align with India’s ambitious goals for reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy.

Our Australia desk is focused on serving the country’s booming mining and resource industries, working closely with clients to ensure compliance with strict regulations and develop sustainable solutions for fuel and energy use.

Hong Kong
Our Hong Kong desk serves as a hub for our operations in the Asia-Pacific region, providing support to clients across the region and leveraging our expertise in fuel additives and energy solutions.

In Namibia, our team is committed to supporting the country’s growing transportation sector, providing innovative fuel solutions that promote efficiency and reduce emissions.

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